Origami gives your print business a competitive advantage with valuable features that make a difference, including intuitive due dates, complete workflow visibility and corrective action accountability. Discover how Origami can help your business grow!

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Best-Priced Scenario

Origami uses business intelligence to compare multiple machines and scenarios to offer the best pricing available, maximizing estimate-to-order conversations and efficiencies.

Product Templates

Save product templates and quickly quote high-volume products. Origami also allows you to easily customize products within the estimator.

Multiple Quantity Pricing

Have a large job? No worries. Add as many quantities you need and we’ll get it quoted.

Custom Pricing Override

You can always expect to get the best price based on your company’s processes and machines. However, if a scenario arises where you need to override pricing, we’ll work with you.


Origami will automatically choose the best imposition for your business’s needs, including one-sided, work and turn, work and tumble, sheet-wise and perfect.

Order Management

Complete Workflow Visibility

Real-time monitoring lets you know exactly where your project is at all times.

Intuitive Due Dates

Origami has the intelligence to begin due dates after proofs have been approved. Gone are the days of quoting “five days after proof approval.” We can now handle that date once the order is approved by the customer.

Error & Corrective Action Auditing

We have the ability to create corrective actions within the software and collectively track those when re-orders occur. What’s worse than making the same mistake twice? Making it three times. Origami will prevent this from ever happening again.

Online Proofing and Approval

When you send your proofs through Origami, your customer will be able to view and approve them online in real time.

One-Time Purchasing

Don’t clutter up your inventory with one-time items. Purchase materials on the fly during estimating and use those materials in your quote.

Departmental Job Notes

Stay organized with cost-center-specific notes for internal or customer view. Job notes can be tailored specifically for your needs — if your note is for the art department, it shows up on their list only, eliminating clutter or confusion.

Purchase Orders

Purchase Orders

Create purchase orders for an inventory item — or one-time purchased items — and send them directly from Origami.

On-Time Traceability

Let us do the follow-up work. Origami keeps you updated on purchase order status by automatically following up with vendors 24 hours before their due date.

Inventory & Receiving


Easily keep track of your inventory, items on order and just-in-time inventory


Receive manufactured products from vendors and create inventory or order tags to keep your business moving.

Workflow Management

Build Custom Workflows

Build workflows for specific items so you can quickly load while quoting. If you need to edit the workflow for a special process, we can handle that, too!

Shop Floor Data Collection

Origami can collect data in every department to compare against the estimate. This exciting technology allows you to view the estimate versus the side-by-side.


Easily control all of your department cost centers and machinery.


Automatically correct cost-center charges with A.I. Using shop-floor data, we can determine if an area is underperforming, and then automatically correct the charges to maximize your profits.

Shipping Tools

Shipment Integration

Origami is integrated with UPS and FedEx, so you can get real-time prices for shipping small parcels.

Adjustable Charges

Origami automatically gives you your shipping rate based on your discounted rate, so you can adjust the charges to your customer by percentage or flat rate

Shipping Labels & Packing Slips

Easily and automatically create shipping labels and packing slips.

Bill of Ladings

Auto-populate BOLs when you need to ship freight

Invoice & Expense Tracking

Accounting Coming Soon

Origami has an accounting system built in, so you can say goodbye to moving orders in and out of systems.

Reporting Coming Soon

Easily generate sales, collectibles, taxes and commission reports.

Company Features

Inactive Client Prevention

Keep the relationship going! With Origami’s Inactive Client Prevention, easily see which clients haven’t been ordering lately so you can follow up and stay connected.

Multi-Level Security

Create custom groups for employees so they only see the pages they need to.

Job Status

Once all cost-centers have been completed within a department, our fully automated system moves the project forward.


Create customized emails to vendors and clients.

Support and Training


Origami comes with full support. We’ll set it up and offer additional assistance as you grow your business.


Let us train your employees. We’ll walk them through the process until they’re comfortable using the platform.