December 5, 2019

Sign & Display Shops


The sign and display industries are one of the fastest-growing and most profitable in the print market. A single solution is key in assigning print to install. Using cloud-based technology, Origami allows you to build estimates with multiple parts and ensure fast turnarounds on your projects.

Origami allows you to add all of your sign shop machines, including material and labor. When you build your workflow, our AI software will choose the best machine to use for that sign or display during the estimating process. We make it easy to use and even easier to win more bids.

Our “best price scenario” estimating software allows you to print on a wide range of materials, with and an unlimited amount of options. We even have the capability to use pre-built templates and the ability to customize during the estimating process. This will greatly reduce your time estimating a projected and guarantee that your customer is getting the best price possible.

Reduce errors and unnecessary redundancies with Origami. Contact us today to schedule your free demo.

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