January 28, 2020

Print Estimating Software


Most printing companies today use print estimating software. It is the foundation for what the print shop is built upon. Most software enables an employee to produce accurate quotes quickly and stores them until they’re ready to be converted into a job order.

So…why is this important?

Print estimating software is important because it not only is the centralized storage for quotes, but it shows users the bottlenecks, wastes, and win/loss percentages. All of these efficiencies are huge factors when quoting a print job. Origami’s AI print estimating software allows users to create quotes fast, accurate, and most importantly profitable. Users can see all departments and cost-centers and see costs all across the board. Origami is also smart enough to understand data and self adjusts if it foresees a bottleneck.

Origami’s print MIS functionality makes it super simple to control costs and see where efficiencies are needed. Without print estimating software, this would be next to impossible to foresee the workflow of the job with costs in its entirety. Origami is also the first print estimating software to have AI behind it to help fuel your business to maximize profitability. Origami is patented so don’t be fooled by the other guys trying to replicate our advancement.

Origami invites you to sing up for a live demo of our print estimating software and see for yourself how your printing company will benefit. Call us at +1 (248) 602-0118, email us, or schedule a demo online.

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