May 15, 2019

Printing Quotation Software


There are numerous print estimating and quoting software’s on the market that claims to give you a competitive advantage.  Most of them “streamline your business to reduce costs, improving processing, and increase your revenue”. But what factors are being taken into consideration when your business is unique to others? 80% of wasted revenue is within these three major issues with small to medium-sized businesses. What about the other 20% you ask? This is simply misunderstanding your company’s full ability. Whether it is your lack of understanding of costs and bottlenecks, or simply trying to take market shares for less than your break-even. How do you really know if you will make money on your next order?

Origami is a print estimating and workflow software that delivers your print shop or sign shop the best price possible. This means, based on what your company is able to do with the machinery, manpower, and overhead costs, Origami can determine the exact break-even point for you to successfully take market share and add value to your business by saving time and money.

How does estimating efficiently work vs other software?

When setting up a new estimating software you need to add in values and costs for processes. These would include the time, material, and machinery it would take to complete all tasks that so your customer would receive their product in a timely matter; while your company isn’t leaving profit or worse, losing revenue. Backed by our patent-pending technology, Origami uses A.I. to essentially double-check all of the entered calculations and costs for your company. No more data analysis that you don’t understand. Origami will automatically edit units of time it takes to guarantee your company is running efficiently and on-time.

Did you notice I didn’t say cheap? That’s because Origami adds value to your company, and value is something that customers respond well to. Would you pay an additional 3-5% knowing your order was going to be on time and more importantly correct? Most of us would. This is where the lost profit comes into play. Today’s MIS/ERP print estimating software relies on building a promise of streamlining and cost savings. But what about leaving money on the table? Origami will add that value straight to your bottom line.

For more information about Origami please take a look at our features page. If you’re ready to add value to your company, set up a demo with us today. We will show you what’s in the future of printing.

Origami Team


Origami will automatically edit units of time it takes to guarantee your company is running efficient and on-time.

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