November 18, 2019

Offset Print Estimates


How do you estimate print jobs to maximize your profit while still giving your customers the best price possible? This is one of the many complicated tasks you may encounter. Even estimating the most complex print job is easy with Origami’s cloud-based solution.

Origami estimates a project based on your companies processes and shows you the imposition in the estimate. Along with choosing the best machines to use, Origami also shows you all department and cost-center costs. This allows you to better understand where your costs are. If there are constant bottlenecks, the system will automatically prompt you and with the click of a button, adjust the cost to make sure you are maximizing your profits and not losing money.

Origami is a “best-priced scenario” estimating tool — meaning we will figure out the lowest cost to run a job based on all of your machines and vendors. You will have access to the system 24/7 and on any device. And being a complete Enterprise Resource Processor (ERP), all of your company’s information will be stored securely in one centralized system. Schedule a demo today and see how we can help your business.

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