September 25, 2019

In-Plant Print Estimating


Research suggests that just over 40 percent of in-plants use some form of print shop management software or management information system (MIS). If you’re one of the other 60 percent, perhaps it’s time for you to consider joining them.

In-plant print estimating has its challenges. The attention to detail and customer service are invaluable components of your business. Sometimes you need to get the job done and end up getting burdened with the manual process and guesswork. At times, you may need to defend your pricing, which can also cause challenges from outside printers.

Review your pricing strategy

It’s much easier to defend your price if you’re confident in your pricing strategy. Origami makes sure you’ve done your due diligence. That means being clear about how much profit you want to make, your costs, and how much the market will pay for your product and service. You’ll find some useful resources on this and other pricing-related topics at the end of this article.

Come up with a package of advantages that distinguish your product or service from the competition, and train staff to use this bigger picture. Explaining this added value can help ensure that price is not an issue.

With Origami, you won’t second-guess your quotes or decision-making ever again. You will be known as forward-thinking and progressive using the newest technologies to manage your daily business. You can allow your customers to see real-time and accurate information, and schedules of when their project will be completed. If there is a potential delay in the due date, they will be notified immediately along with the customer service representative.

Stand your ground

Whether you discount your price or not will depend on a number of factors such as how important the customer is to you and the likelihood of ongoing business from them. However, before you decide to offer a discount remember that:

  • You might actually reassure your customers that you are the right business to deal with by not budging on the price.
  • If you can’t reassure your prospective customers, don’t automatically offer a discount. Remember that customers who are focussed solely on price may not be very loyal if a competitor undercuts you on price. They may also not be particularly profitable, so consider whether it might be better to focus on other customers.

Stay cool

If a customer challenges you on your price, don’t take it personally. It’s human nature to look for the best deal. Explaining why your product or service is worth the price in a professional and friendly way will go a long way towards winning people over.

Watch all of your data at once with the help of Origami. Contact us today to set up your free demo and see how we can help grow your business.

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