July 23, 2019

Cloud-Based Print Estimating


What is print estimating software?

Print estimating is a combination of materials, labor, waste, ink, and supplies to complete a project. There are many methods in today’s world to achieve this feat, however, the company with the most efficient method is usually the winner. Origami was designed around bringing your print company’s best foot forward. We enable print shop estimators to take into account the various customizations that are needed in creating project estimates, and we allow the highest profit margin without being the highest price.

In addition to facilitating estimates, Origami includes a job management system that tracks the progress, including time and location, of each job. We also track company and contact profiles, sales, leads, stock and inventory, ink, and departmental profitability. Origami helps deliver long-term planning to an ever-evolving industry and will help to better position your print company or sign shop by organizing all aspects into a simple dashboard.

Why is print estimating software so important?

Print estimating software is so important because it brings modern efficiency to the quoting process. With just a few questions and answers, it is possible to create an estimate that balances the prints shops, or sign shops, the most efficient workflow and the highest profit margin that helps draw new clients and retains old ones.

Origami’s MIS/ERP functionality makes it easier to see where bottlenecks are in your workflow and help control costs. From waste to cashflow issues we readily identify all aspects of the job and can predict issues before they arise. Without print estimating software, writing up estimates could take hours, and potentially be harmful to your client by sending a bad message. The client will likely think a print shop is out-of-date in its estimating practices and not using the current products in printing technology.

Origami invites you to watch a live demo of our print estimating software to see for yourself how your printing company can benefit. Call us at +1 (248) 602-0118, email us, or schedule a demo viewing online.

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