February 1, 2019

9to5 Enters Market as Low-Cost Alternative to Major Players in Print Industry


Startup’s ‘Origami’ A.I. software delivers “big company” efficiency and optimization to small and medium-sized businesses at lower costs

DETROIT, MICH.—December 29, 2018— 9to5, a Southfield-based startup in the print industry has come to market offering its new A.I. software, Origami, as a cost-effective alternative for small and medium-sized print companies looking for high-volume service and functionality at smaller-scale pricing.

“We’re equipping smaller print companies with streamlined and cost-effective A.I. technology that, until now, had been reserved for the mega-vendors in the industry,” said Paul Christy, 9to5 founder, and CEO, a 10-year veteran of the print industry. “Instead of requiring weeks of training and additional I.T. personnel to manage the software, like big companies do, users can be up to speed with the 9to5 platform in a matter of hours, and without any additional overhead expenses. We’re focused on providing our clients with answers, not just information.”

Through print workflow automation and its SaaS-based ERP, Origami, 9to5 provides A.I.-powered best-priced scenario estimates. The technology is designed to facilitate the ability for print shops to accurately estimate project pricing and collect shop floor data relative to machinery and workflow. The utilization of A.I. to regularly update cost information is strategically designed to help businesses maximize profit by converting more estimates into orders.

Features of 9to5’s Origami platform include best-priced estimating, online approvals, intuitive due dates, purchasing, estimate vs actual comparison with A.I. updating, inventory control, one-time purchases.

“9to5 is here to support companies with big dreams and smaller budgets by ensuring they get high-level service at the best price point,” Christy said. “We’ll run data that clients provide us against every type of machine they have available, categorized by cutter, printer, folder and so on, and compare digital versus offset to choose the cheapest method for our clients.”

9to5’s Origami software will debut in the first quarter of 2019. For more information, visit www.9to5partners.com.

Paul Christy


"9to5 is here to support companies with big dreams and smaller budgets by ensuring they get high-level service at the best price point."

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