About Us

Origami was created to bridge the gap between small print shop software and overwhelming enterprise software. We are efficient enough to run your business without hassle. Our data is analyzed by our AI and alerts users when necessary, and you can learn the entire software in a matter of days. There is no need for an application administrator or data analyst, we make it clear and easy to use.

Our Vision

Origami is designed to grow. Like paper, it can be folded into many beautiful things. We take pride in our design and UI/UX unlike the rest of the enterprise software out there. We keep in mind that there is a cost to learn software that is usually overlooked by print shops. Origami is simple to use, and most of our users can learn how to enter prospects, turn them into customers, estimate an order, create a job, and fulfill that job all the way to shipping in a few hours. Our staff is here to help and we don’t charge for assistance.

Our Promise

All of us at Origami promise to listen to our customers and upgrade our software to fulfill their needs. We are here to disrupt an industry that is forced to use software that is either overly complex, too expensive, or takes allocated employees to run it. Data is only as good as the people that understand it and make changes based on it. Origami is designed to do all of that work for you. We understand the thought, time, and stresses it takes our clients to leave their current software for a better one. We promise to be by your side from start to finish. We promise to not overly complicate our software so it will slow down your workforce. We promise to create the best of the best and leave no one behind. We ask you to come and be a part of Origami and see how we are shaping the future of printing.